ABOUT meet Lovro Rozina

Talking about myself is not the easiest thing under the sun, but it seems right to briefly introduce. Perhaps, as a wedding photographer, I will spend one of your most important days with you.

Being a photographer is a privilege for me. It's easier for me to express myself with photography than words because I prefer to use the camera rather than stand in the picture. 

I also like morning coffee, sunny days (and rainy as well, which are perfect for the afternoon sleep), I love nature, where I find peace, I love to travel and hang out with people who are close to me, I like to watch various sports and TV serie Friends, although I've seen it at least ten times, I love folk, jazz, blues and rock music. 

Wedding photography attracts me because I love people and life. My approach is documentary: I capture moments, but I do not interfere, I do not conduct it and I do not direct it. The most important to me are authenticity and sincerity, I look for spontaneity, emotion, joy and warmth. So I do not care if the venue is a beach or a medieval castle, if you are surrounded by ten or hundreds of wedding guests. I want to capture your day in photographs, which will tell your story for generations to come.

So much about me for now. Given that I love to meet new people, I would also like to meet you and hear more about your day.