How would you describe your work?

My approach is documentary: I memorize happenings, but I do not interfere it, I do not conduct it and I do not direct it. The most important to me are authenticity and sincerity, I look for spontaneity, emotion, joy and warmth. I try to capture the happenings in a wedding story that will be a pleasure for you and a pride to me.

Are you willing to be our wedding photographer if we decide to marry abroad?

Of course, I like to meet new people and discover new places. I have already photographed weddings in Austria, Italy, Croatia and Scotland, and I cannot wait to add another destination to the existing list.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

I tend to work alone because I got used to it and that’s how I work at my best. Upon desire for an additional photographer, it can certainly be arranged at an extra charge.

What is pre-wedding photography?

Pre-term photography is some kind of “let’s get to know each other” photography before your wedding day. It is meant for us to get to know better, you getting used to the camera and to my way of working. We spend a great time together and it’s easier on the wedding day, since we are “old acquaintances”.

When is the perfect time for taking some our photos?

I swear on spontaneous photographs without a great amount of directing, one hour is more than enough. The ideal time is late afternoon, close to the sunset, when the light is very gentle and warm. If your wedding program does not allow for a whole hour in one piece, photography can be done in two parts: firstly when you have the most available time and secondly when the light is best suited.

When do we receive our photographs?

During the summer, when it`s wedding season, it can take up to 50 working days between the wedding and the delivery of ordered photographs, in other seasons it is usually around 30 days. The process of selection between several thousand photos, their professional processing and editing your unique story requires a lot of work.

Are photobooks a part of your offer as well and when do we receive them?

Of course, I offer high quality photobooks as well. You can choose between two options: a larger format, as well as smaller books for parents and witnesses. The first preview of the photobook can be expected no later than one month after receiving the photos; I always try to keep it as short as possible.

How many photographs can we expect?

The number of photographs depends on the selected collection, which also determines the minimum number of photographs.

What happens if you get sick or have an accident?

I have to knock; so far this has not occurred and I hope it will never happen. But if you were to deal with this extraordinary situation, I would provide a replacement photographer with a similar way of working.

How do we book our day?

If you decide for my offer, we sign the contract and with the advance payment of 300 EUR the deal becomes rock solid. Your wedding day is reserved!

Can we meet before confirming the reservation?

Of course, it is in our best interests if we meet and get to know each other before confirmation. If you do not live in Slovenia, the live meeting can quite well replace our conversation using Skype.

Anything else?

Expectations ahead of the important events bring up a number of questions. For the most common ones you can find replies in this offer, for any further I will be happy to answer. And yes, most importantly: I wish you everything the best in your future!