Gubbio Italy

gubbio wedding photographer 

Couple of days before Mandy and Nick got married, we met in this little town on my way to Umbria, called Gubbio.


Gubbio wedding photographer


Since I was in Umbria, Italy for the first time I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Mandy and Nick suggested that we do our engagement photoshoot in Gubbio. When I googled it, it looked promising, but when I actually arrived there, it was entirely different story.

Gubbio had me before I even stepped out of my car. The historical center is a beautiful medieval city, most of the buildings are build with dark gray stone in Gothic architecture, there’s a lot of narrow streets with good coffe and gelato. Jackpot!

We met in the city centre, walked around a bit and took a couple of photos as well, which you can see in the gallery below 🙂

From the first time I was in Italy I fell in love with it’s vibe, food and culture. It’s always great to be back.

Maybe someday even as a Gubbio wedding photographer.